An innovative software for maintenance budget: the Ravenna demonstrator

Within the EBSF_2 Ravenna demonstrator,  Pluservice has developed a new software application for garage budget planning which is currently under test, in collaboration with the local public transport operator START Romagna.

The need for the public transport operator is to have a tool able to assess and plan the fleet’s maintenance costs through the analysis of all the relevant cost items. In fact, an accurate maintenance budget plan is the basis to increase service reliability and support the switch to predictive maintenance processes.

The EBSF_2 test involves the entire Start Romagna bus fleet: more than 700 buses in operation across a 2,100-km network. The fleet is composed by different types of vehicles, both diesel and methane-fuelled. Currently, the maintenance budget is estimated by the operator based on actual historical data and no prediction is performed.

To assess the future costs for the management and operation of the fleet, the software takes primarily into consideration the budget for planned/ repairing/ extraordinary maintenance, maintenance resulted from accidents, fuels and lubricants’ costs, as well as administrative and contractual expenses. The key input are the estimated journeys (kilometers) that START Romagna assigns as a target to the fleet for the following year. The interface of the application allows also the visual comparison of planned figures with actual figures in order to allow the operator to make corrections on cost management.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017